MEGAN TAGLIAFERRI – Principal Designer/Partner

Megan Tagliaferri is a NCIDQ certificate holder who specializes in hospitality design and the creation of luxury lifestyle experiences. Megan has spent the last decade designing restaurants and health spas in Los Angeles and also contributed to the conception and design of a range of casino and hotel properties in Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Tampa. Known for her ability to combine global glamour with spiritual edge, Megan’s designs focus on the integration of vivid emotional and visual texture.  Her indoor and outdoor spaces incorporate powerful mid-century lines, geometry, sculptural and organic forms and materials, and are influenced by the multi-ethnic pulse that is one of the defining characteristics of Los Angeles. A native of Portland Oregon, Megan received a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Megan is a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California.
SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL YOU ALWAYS DAYDREAM ABOUT: A crisp, sunny day hitting the slopes in Mt. Hood, Oregon. VIRTUES: Creative and compassionate. VICE: Dirty Martinis–extra cold NATURAL TALENT YOU WISH YOU WERE GIFTED WITH: Playing the banjo and/or the spoons….that would be so rad. FAVORITE PROJECT: We facilitated a creative lifestyle workshop for the Four Seasons Westlake’s Wellness Center to help them with market strategy. WHAT MADE YOU HAPPY TODAY: On my evening walk with my kid we encountered the sweetest, cutest, wrinkliest old couple sitting on the park bench, enjoying the early evening and smiling at everyone. Their smiles and romance lit me up!